About Sunflowers Arts

    Brand Introduction   

Sunflowers Arts School (Sunflowers Arts LLC) is a professional early art education and creative art training institution.

Based on the Italian Reggio education system and US developed K12 art education system, we have independently developed a unique art education system, breaking the indoctrination teaching of large-class , while opening small-class of creative experience. 

At Sunflower Arts, students will get known of more than 100 artists, make good use of more than 200 creative materials, master over 800 artistic vocabulary, appreciate more than 1,000 handed down works. With our online courses, clubs and activities, kids at Sunflowers Arts will have very happy and educative experience through scene creation, story introduction, and wonderful interaction.

We hope to use the power of creative art to preserve each child's whimsical ideas and guide them to perceive the art world from different angles.